All task-related data can be downloaded via the Data page of each collection microsite. The available download types are described below.

Note that everything contained in these datasets is also available via the API. Depending on the objective, the API may provide a more suitable method of access.

Annotation downloads

These datasets contain exports from the Annotation Server, which is used to store all final results generated by the platform along with additional information, such as user-generated tags. See the data model for details of how the different Annotation types are structured.

The available datasets are:

  • Results: The Annotations produced following the results analysis processes.
  • Tags: The user-generated tags for each item.

Project downloads

This is the raw data used by or generated via the platform. The downloads are available in JSON and CSV formats. However, as this data may contain a lot of nested fields the JSON versions are likely to be more usable. There are three types of dataset available for each project:

  • Tasks: The data used to configure tasks and present them to users.
  • Contributions: The user-submitted data provided as answers to each task.
  • Results: The final results produced during the results analysis processes.